Sex abusers... Child abusers...

The facts should be available about all abusers

And that includes


Read the chilling detailed truth about the multiple acts
of child abuse committed by Mia Farrow in this 2018
first-person statement by her son Moses Farrow
"A Son Speaks Out"

And read this in-depth December 2020 interview in the respected UK newspaper The Guardian in which Moses Farrow - now a highly-regarded therapist specializing in adoption trauma - confirms what all the independent specialist investigators determined in 1992: That his adoptive mother Mia Farrow entirely fabricated the charge that his adoptive father Woody Allen had abused his adopted daughter Dylan.

This website does not exist to condemn Dylan Farrow.

The purpose of this website is to shed light not heat. To gather together in one place access to the exculpatory evidence that proves conclusively that Woody Allen did not in any way abuse his daughter Dylan Farrow.

And we also show that there ARE abusers in the Farrow Family.

John Farrow

Not just Mia Farrow's brother John Farrow - currently serving a 25-year sentence at Patuxent Correctional Institution in Maryland, after pleading guilty to sexually abusing two young boys - who were age 8 and 9 when he started what became 7 years of sexual molestation (including oral sex) of two youngsters.

But also Mia Farrow herself - who heaped emotional and physical abuse on several of her children - including Dylan Farrow. And especially on her adopted kids - two of whom - Tam Farrow and Thaddeus Farrow - committed suicide in 2000 and 2016 respectively. And her adopted daughter Lark Song Previn who tried to escape from Mia's clutches but who ended up poverty-stricken and homeless when she died of AIDS in 2008.


Dylan Farrow clearly believes what she thinks is "her truth". Who can blame her? She believes what she calls "her truth" because she IS a victim of abuse.

Dylan Farrow

But not the alleged SEXUAL abuse that two separate forensic investigations - by independent, dispassionate medical experts of the States of Connecticut and New York -- determined had 100% NOT happened.

No - the abuse that Dylan Farrow suffers from is evidenced emotional CHILD abuse. At the hands and at the mouth of her abuser. Her own mother. MIA FARROW.

Moses Farrow

As testified by Dylan Farrow's older brother Moses Farrow - and as determined by the forensic investigators - it was MIA FARROW who fabricated the allegations that Woody Allen had sexually abused his daughter. It was MIA FARROW who poisoned the mind of her own daughter with these foul fabrications. Her motive was simple. She wanted revenge against Woody Allen for leaving her. Moreover for leaving her for one of her adopted daughters - Soon-Yi Previn. She wanted to completely destroy Woody Allen.

Tellingly - it was MIA FARROW who has consistently refused to take any polygraph (lie detector) test on the matter. In 1992, Woody Allen took an intensive polygraph test on the subject - administered by the FBI's former head of polygraph testing. As noted by investigators - Woody Allen passed his lie detector test with flying colors.

The question remains: Why does MIA FARROW still refuse to take a polygraph test on the topic of what was determined by the investigators in the case? That 7-year-old Dylan Farrow had been coached to make the fabricated allegations against Woody Allen by her own mother MIA FARROW


Being completely fair - Mia Farrow had reason to be hurt and angry in 1992.

Woody Allen certainly broke no laws in starting his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn. She was not his daughter. Nor was she his adopted daughter. He was never married to Mia Farrow. Nor had he ever lived with her. Soon-Yi Previn was of legal age when the relationship began.

Woody Allen and family

And for what it's worth - the relationship has sustained since 1991 including over two decades of marriage. And Woody and Soon-Yi have raised two very well-adjusted adopted daughters. And unlike several of Mia Farrow's own adopted children, neither of them have committed suicide, died of an overdose or been the victim of alleged emotional abuse.

That said - it can be thought that at the very least it was insensitive and inconsiderate of Woody to start a relationship with someone so close to his girlfriend of 12 years. Perhaps he should have anticipated that it would cause pain to Mia and resisted the temptation to start any relationship.

Woody's take in 1992 was: "The heart wants what it wants. There's no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that's that."

So Mia's anger was not without reason. It was understandable.

He deserved to be on the receiving end of Mia Farrow's expressions of hurt and anger.

But Woody Allen did not deserve - no person deserves - what Mia Farrow did as her revenge.

She fabricated a charge that Woody had sexually molested his own 7-year-old daughter. Even though Dylan's older brother Moses and a family nanny Kristie Groteke - both in the house at that time - both swore that it never happened - and indeed could not logistically have happened. And another family nanny Monica Thompson gave evidence that Mia manipulated and constantly stop-started her video-recording of Dylan making the allegations.

And most of all no child deserves the abuse that Dylan Farrow experienced from her Mamma Mia - who cynically used her daughter as a weapon of revenge against her former partner.

That is not behavior anyone can approve of. And it is certainly not appropriate behavior for a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

So we ask a tough question that needs to be asked:

Since 2000, Mia Farrow has been a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF. The United Nations Children's Emergency Fund. A UN program dedicated to benefitting children.

In January 2010 UNICEF terminated the Global Ambassador role of Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis when it was revealed that he had failed in his parental responsibilities to his 20-year-old daughter Beatriz.

So when will UNICEF launch an in-depth investigation into the allegations of child abuse by its Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow?

If the allegations are true UNICEF must end its association with Mia Farrow that she uses as a shield to project a saintly image at odds with the ugly truth behind her facade.

At the very least UNICEF should investigate the multiple credible allegations against Mia Farrow.

(Click above to send an email to UNICEF asking it to investigate child abuse by Mia Farrow)